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Asian Panorama Private Limited is a company that specializes in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting a wide range of surgical and dental instruments. Asian Panorama Private Limited was Founded in 2014 by Naeem Amjad, Asian Panorama Private Limited is capable of supplying more than 33,000 items on FOB, CFR, or CI&F terms to customers all around the world. In addition to single-use disposable instruments, the company also manufactures reusable and custom instruments. Beauty instruments are manufactured separately from the surgical and dental instruments.


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Our Products Categories

Dental Instruments

If you are looking for Surgical & Dental Instruments we have you covered as we Manufacturer many Instruments

Surgical & Dental Instruments

Take a look at our extensive range of surgical and dental instruments in our catalog. You won't be disappointed!

Beauty Instruments

If you're in search of top-notch manufacturers of beauty instruments and kits, look no further! Our selection includes everything from scissors and tweezers to clippers and nail cutters, as well as luxurious and intricately designed pieces such as the High Quality Dragon Scissors, all of which can be personalized to the specific needs of your brand.

We also deal in other categories of products such as Leather Travel Case, gloves, Bags, wear etc. To Request catalog or picture of category of products we deal in contact for details.

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